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NEW shave stick

bullet extends razor blade life !
bulletgives closer quicker shave - reduces prep time !

exercises face - reduces jowls neck flab, makes face look younger

Special fibre pads impregnated with shave lotion are stacked within the tubular container and transferred one at a time onto the lid for use like a luxury shave brush, as shown above. The action of rubbing the whiskers with the pad rapidly softens the whiskers right into the skin and reduces cutting load, which reduces razor blade wear, more than doubling average blade life!

A test on a triple blade gave 500 daily shaves on a Caucasian male face, when used with a low foaming shaving soap.  After each shave the blade was rinsed under warm running tap for 2 seconds then pat dried against a towel for 5 seconds and stored in average 85% humidity to simulate the average wash-room.

The pad provides an invigorating experience when rubbed against an unshaven face, the novel action of the spaced apart horizontal fibres within the pad lift and flex the whiskers to optimally wet and soften the whiskers and minimise razor cutting forces. The whiskers are systematically bent backwards and forwards in the presence of an oil or water based lubricant, foaming is not strictly necessary but can be added if desired. The pad motion ensures rapid penetration and deep wetting of skin, deep into the follicles carrying the whiskers resulting in a closer shave, far superior to that achieved by applying foam with fingers or a regular shaving brush. Remember conventional foaming gels are designed to lubricate and cushion the razor head as it slides over the skin, the razor floats on this foam cushion, foam comprises mainly gas bubbles making them poor wetting agents.

A bonus is the pads massage the soft tissues of the lower face, stimulating circulation and improving complexion and face shape !

Post-shave massager - gives a daily face lift after shaving!

For maximum benefit a post shave moisturiser is applied with a blade like applicator as shown in the above photographs.

Apply moisturiser to the tip of the applicator by dipping into the pot and then spot this about and spread evenly over the entire face. Rub the moisturiser into the skin following the instructions shown on the skin care page for about 2 minutes. The friction between the large area soft tool and skin is sufficient to exercise and firm up the subcutaneous tissues and recover the face shape to that of a younger person. 

Patents are pending on the applicator and its method of use, commercial licenses are available.

Summary of benefits of pre and post shave treatments: 


each pad is used to apply a 1 minute pre-shave treatment that softens the whiskers as it massages the lower face


this provides a closer low friction shave, razor blade life more than doubles, test blades have provided 500+ daily shaves!


followed by a 2 minute daily post shave moisturising treatment applied with a frictional tool to massage the whole face, giving a daily face lift - making the face look younger leaner and fitter with improved jaw line


The seventy two year old face below shows good chin line and neck with good muscle bulk with reduced wrinkling and creasing as a result of 6 months regular use of the pre and post shave exercise routines. Acquaintances said he looked 5 years younger!

Below left - BEFORE and right - AFTER 1 minute rubbing with shave stick, plus 1 minute shave, plus a 2 minute massage with the above applicator applying a neutral after shave moisturiser. Note how the overall face shape is improved while the close up detail in the lower pictures shows skin creases reduced on the chin. By following a regular routine this procedure gives the face and neck a daily lift as well as providing an overall long term improvement in the shape and condition of the facial soft tissue.                                          



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