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Self Tanning Aids

Trib-applicators provide convenience, control and speed when applying tanning lotions both in the salon and at home. In use, it feels like an extension to the fingers. It rapidly provides a thin even film that when dry can be buffed with a second dry tool to give a deep even colouring.

The pictures below show how a Trib-applicator keeps hands clean and dry while applying self tanning lotion. Top left shows colouring lotion being dispensed onto a new blade. Top right shows the lotion being spread evenly with long sweeping strokes. Bottom left shows a blade being used to buff of surplus dry colouring. Bottom right shows a tool after buffing.



When tanning the face the Trib-applicators provides precise control when working the delicate areas around the eyes, mouth and nose. It also acts as a gentle exercising tool and is especially effective on the lower face where it advantageously exercises both cutaneous and subcutaneous soft tissue as the tanning lotion is applied. The affect is to give the face a gentle physical lift helping to maintain subtle features or restore those lost to ageing, by working the lotion evenly into folds or wrinkles!


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