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Deep cleaning/exfoliation surfaces

These are frictional rubbing surfaces for attachment to a handle or body brush. They are made with rubber like materials formed into a matrix of resilient extruded protrusions by thermoforming. Each protrusion has a scraping edge around its outer edge. Also there is an interconnecting sunken labyrinth surrounding each protrusion to collect and disperse dirt and scraped off skin flakes.

Note the Trib-Sheet is shown facing downwards in the diagram below whereas it is facing upwards in the above photograph.

The illustration below shows a cross-section view through two extruded downward facing protrusions. The working face of the surface carries a matrix of soft flat topped protrusions, optionally sealed at the back to form cavities for storing lotion. An optional lotion can be dispensed via openings within the flat rubbing faces.

As the pads is rubbed against the skin it slides and flat toped faces frictionally grip the skin, sequentially stretching the skin during sliding under each protrusion and compressing to squeeze as the skin between the protrusion to squeeze out and scrape off dirt and loose desquamated material. The scraped off material is directed into a sunken labyrinth running between the protrusions where it is either retained removed from the surface and flushed away.

The pads tend to vibrate during rubbing to creates a novel deep cleaning action as shown below.

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