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Making light weight cylinders for automobile drum brake with Trib-joins.

Application Note 16.

The cylinder shown below uses a 60mm length of drawn over mandrel welded tube 17mm I/D and 20mm O/D cut to length. Grooves are added at each end to retain protective rubber gaiters. Two cross holes are predrilled.

The central block is made of filled nylon and can be either pre-machined for small batches or injection moulded. The block is secured with a soft steel turned or fine-blanked retainer flange each side. These are held in place with Trib-joins - made by first sizing the bore in the flange between 25 and 100 (1 and 4 thou.) smaller than the tube O/D, so the flange stretches as its forced on to ensure good contact. A slight taper on the tube end allows the flange to be started square and pressed to within about 5mm of their final positions dry. A thin area of the tube O/D is treated with a trace amount of cold welding agent with a Trib-Tool, they are then forced over the treated area into their final positions.This will secure the block and prevent it slipping during service. Each ring takes about one ton to press into place and will resist a similar force in service. An "O" ring seal can be incorporated either side of the block if desired. Finally the tube is burnished inside after assembly to establish final size and surface finish.

The weight of the assembled cylinder is about half that of a conventional cast iron unit. Several variants based on this design have been built and tested successfully.

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