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Rapid massage devices for improving face and body aesthetics

 The rapid massage method improves face, neck and body shape. It has a soft grippy high friction surface that gently grips a large area of cutaneous facial tissue (skin) and moves it over its interconnected underlying subcutaneous layers during rubbing. This exercises all the soft tissues that shape the face.

 The massage stimulates vascular functions as routine topical lotions (like daily moisturiser or cleanser) are applied. This lifts and improves face shape by optimising the connective tissues of the fascia and adipose fluids held therein. It tightens the skin and improves its elasticity, it tones up the jaw and expressive muscles.

The devices are:

1.          A lotion applicator/rapid massager that improves face shape by frictionally griping a large areas of skin and systematically massaging the skin and its underlying soft tissues as it applies and spreads a routine skin-care lotion like a moisturiser.   

2.          A shave stick employing a novel fibre pad instead of a bristle brush that improves wetting and extends razor blade life while massaging the lower facial tissues to give a younger look.

3.          A body brush with a novel dual purpose frictional surface that exfoliates and deep cleans and naturally vibrates to reduce cellulite when used with soap free clean warm water.

Patents are pending on the rapid massage method and the massage applicators.

 Clinical indications of effect of rapid massage on cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue and face shape:

It is known that: vascular function deteriorate with age, which contributes to visible skin ageing; and that massage stimulates vascular function, both blood supply and lymph drainage, which is essential for regeneration of the cutaneous and sub-cutaneous soft tissue layers that shape the face. The problem with massage methods is the time it takes and remembering to do it. By combining rapid massage with the habitual daily application of moisturiser, these problems are overcome.

Tests during development on the inventors face from 65 to 75 years of age show the following trends: reduced jowls, tighter jaw sockets lifted cheek line, reduced neck flab, reduced crow’s feet and brow furrows. Overall the subjective assessment is that perceived age is reduced by 5 or more years when applying low cost oil in water moisturiser emulsion. Objective measurements with before and after photography show a short term daily lift in cheek line and reduced wrinkle depth, while the long term trends mentioned above slowly develop over 3 months. Dimensionless measurements with a Moritex Triple-sense instrument indicate improved skin elasticity.  Random informal tests over periods of 3 to 6 months on other faces in the range 30 to 40 years old showed similar trends. No dermatologic problems or other adverse reactions were encountered with any of the 20 test subjects over the 10 year development period. The improvement in face shape is attributed to tightening of ligaments supporting the soft tissue mask, hypertrophy in muscles, especially the masseter and training of subcutaneous connective tissues, especially improving their elastic properties and ability to retain optimal fats and fluids. Exercised expressive sheet muscles linking the underside of the skin of the lower face to the skeletal support appears to have minimal influence on face shape but may possibly reduce wrinkle depth. Improved vascular action may also retard long-term changes of facial bone structure with age, since bone is also a regenerative tissue

Comparison of the TribTech anti ageing method with other methods.

The perfect anti-ageing method has not yet been found. Cosmetic methods used to temporarily hide/reduce age related facial changes are summarised below; but how long do the benefits last?

Low-cost and low-risk: home DIY therapies, lotions, make-up and exfoliation– their benefit can last a few days.

Medium-cost and medium-risk: spa therapies such as massage, peels, UV etc. – benefit can lasts 15+ days.

High-cost and high-risk: surgical lifts, implants, Botox, liposuction, gene therapies: benefit can last 12 or more months.

Unlike any of the above methods the Tribtech face shaping massage method exercises the entire facial soft tissues as a single entity. This improves the shape and condition of both the cutaneous and sub-cutaneous tissues plus tightening the ligaments that attach the mask to the underlying bone structure. Rapid massage provides many small cosmetic improvements that individually cannot be measured, but collectively they combine to provide an overall subtly improved face shape. With regular use, rapid massage delays the progress of age related changes.

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