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Trib-Joining answers

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Practical Questions about Trib-Joining -Click on the question to see the answer.

bulletIs Trib-Join a new type of adhesive join?
bulletIf a Trib-Join is a seized join how do we get it to seize at the right place?
bulletDo parts need to be super close pre-fits to make Trib-joins?
bulletWhat materials do Trib-joins work on?
bulletCan plated parts be joined with Trib-joins ?
bulletDo Trib-joins loose strength with age or temperature?
bulletAre Trib-joins affected by humidity or corrosion?
bulletWill Trib-joins join Dissimilar Metals?.
bulletHow do Trib-joins behave in fatigue?
bulletAre Trib-joins Real Welds?
bulletWhy do Trib-joins fall apart when cut open - surely this means they are not Welded?
bulletCan a Trib-Join  or Trib-Bond be used to form Butt-Welds?
bulletDoes Trib Action Enhance Spot or Resistance Welding?
bulletAre the chemicals absorbed into the parent metals and do they affect the metal as with hydrogen embrittlement?
bulletWhat are the optimum surfaces for Trib-Joining?
bulletWhy does my Trib-Join not work?
bulletIs a Trib-Join a friction weld?
bulletDoes the friction enhancing agent speed up the formation of Friction Welds?

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