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Fold-formed wipe holders

bulletcleaning large areas like tiled walls, floors etc with wet wipes
bulletpolishing floors and furniture with polish impregnated wipes
bulletdusting - with micro-fibre sheets, tissue or dry wipes
bulletscouring hobs, grills, ovens etc with detachable scouring pads   

The fold-form concept is a versatile low cost construction for use with a variety of foams, woven micro-fibre or non-woven surfaces.

They provide a larger more consistent contact surface than floppy hand held sponges or wipes, which facilitates rapid uniform cleaning.

They protect the users’ hands by keeping them dry and removed from the treated surfaces and chemical agents.

The rubbing pressure is mainly applied by the palm of the hand which reduces discomfort in arthritic finger joints

Their tapered shape makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places

General purpose fold-formed cleaners

Fold-forms are made by a folding a flexible plastic or card cut-out into a dart shape tool to give a stiff tapered upstanding handle over a flexible flat work face onto which a variety of wipes or work surfaces may be attached.  The photographs below illustrate a typical fold form tool for scouring and cleaning. This tool is shown with a permanent sponge main rubbing face and a yellow absorbent top face for swabbing/drying.  


Fold-forms attached to dispensers


Fold-form toilet cleaners

A flexible fold-formed cleaning head with the handle acting as a reservoir and dispenser


Long reach fold-formed mops

Fold-formed mops made by attaching extension handles can be used with either buffing shoes, fibre scrub pads or wet or dry wipes to clean and polish floors. A further swab or squeegee can be added to the reverse (upper) face and the fold formed can be flipped over by making the handle coupling flexible.

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